TikTok royalty and wholesome couple Taylor Watt and Sophia Hill just announced their engagement on their social media platform.

The couple is known for their relationship-focused videos, where they often prank each other and generally show off their absolutely loving relationship and active lifestyle.

Although the TikTok duo is fairly open about their personal lives, including their strong faith and daily life quirks, Hill and Watts have sleft some space for mystery.

From the moment the couple announced their lifelong commitment to be, many users on the social media platform have wondered about this couple’s ages,

especially due to their jovial looks and graduation pictures on Instagram from just about a year ago. So, if you’re also dealing with this lingering question, we have come to your aid.

If you’re one of the people who believe this adorable couple looks young, well, that’s because they are. The duo started dating in 2020, and from there on they have become nearly inseparable.

The oldest of the Georgia couple is Hill. While her exact date of birth has never been disclosed, information found of websites Nextau and FamousBirthdays states that Hill was born on Sep.27, 2001,

thus making her 21 years old. Hill graduated on May 2021 and has kept a pretty low profile regarding certain aspects of her personal life.

Her fiancé, Watts, has actually disclosed his birthday date before. The Florida-based Tik Toker was born on Jan.26, 2002, making him 20 years old, according to the information on FamousBirthdays.

So there you have it. The loving and relatable couple, albeit young, are showing that love and marriage transcend age.

It is never too late or too soon- allegedly- to engage in a lifetime commitment, and that is exactly what Hill and Watts are proving to their audience.

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